Elara Case Study +

Demo Even Better than the Real Thing?

INVITROGEN CORPORATION is a global company that provides products and services to the life science community. Their products can be found in nearly every major laboratory in the world. After three years of research and development, Invitrogen was ready to launch the redesigned Gibco cell culture bottle.

The Challenge

Invitrogen turned to Elara to find the best way to highlight the improved features that the newly redesigned bottle would offer scientists. But while the improved features were remarkable updates, they were subtle by appearance.

Communicating it interactively and comprehensively was going to be difficult.


The Solution

Elara created 3D animated models of the new bottle and then created interactive and flexible elements that the user could explore. As a web-based program, it loaded lightning-fast and allowed customers to use their mouse or finger to manipulate the virtual products. As they came across key elements of the redesigned bottles, they were provided a mini-product tour that highlighted the new and improved features.

Elara’s graphics were so realistic, Invitrogen used the still renders of the new bottle for print brochures and catalogs instead of engaging in costly photo shoots for the new product.

With fast loading animations, interactive presentations can be used in a variety of applications including websites, tradeshows and corporate training.  And with Elara’s depth of creativity and cutting-edge technology, we love to explore every challenge with our clients.