Client Success: Equipment Demos in 3D Animation

Elara Case Study +

The Challenge

Customers want to see an image of your product-no matter how expensive or impractical it is to take a picture of it.

BIOMET, a leading designer and manufacturer of hip, knee, elbow, and other joint replacements, frequently needs images of its products for marketing materials, such as product sheets for physicians and consumer TV commercials. But photographing the joints requires Biomet to pull expensive units off the line. Returning these medical units back into inventory involves extensive FDA regulatory hurdles.

biomet knee design

The Solution

Using Biomet’s engineering files, Elara created digital photorealistic 3D models of Biomet’s joint-replacement products.

Streamline Marketing Processes

By using 3D models of their joint replacements, Biomet avoided thousands of dollars to re-introduce the products to inventory. Elara quickly developed the images, simplifying and accelerating the collateral development process, while introducing a new standard for flexibility, time, and cost implications.

Maximize Image Flexibility

A small design modification or regulatory change instantly makes a photo obsolete. Elara can update the computer-generated image whenever needed, changing a feature, finish, or configuration. If Biomet needs a different angle, zoom, or product grouping, Elara can deliver any combination of stills and animation segments for use in tradeshow graphics, product briefs, training materials, and more.


Leverage Investment Through Lower Development Costs

Biomet essentially eliminated the need for product photography and reused their 3D models in patient education materials, TV commercials, and a range of marketing materials produced in-house and through their agencies.