Show What? How Soon? Here’s How We Did It.

The deadline is approaching. You need a dramatic presentation, and soon. You need to show a procedure outside of a traditional medical environment… and standard photography or video just isn’t going to work. Relax. Elara’s got this.

There’s an alternative that’s faster, and more flexible too.

The Challenge
MACUSIGHT is a private pharmaceutical company that develops innovative therapeutics for the treatment of severe ocular diseases. They were preparing to debut a revolutionary injection technique that was to be used in clinical trials. Their conference was fast-approaching, and they needed a compelling presentation; but demonstrating a live procedure wasn’t possible. MacuSight, a first-time client, turned to Elara for innovative ideas and some quick problem-solving.

The Solution
Elara first created 3D Animations for all the materials needed in MacuSight’s project, refining them for scientific accuracy and using the company’s instructional guide. Then a 3D eye animation was created to the detailed specifications of the training. A voiceover was completed, and Elara then put it all together as a high-definition video. The final product was so accurate that Macusight was not only able to use the video to illustrate the product and technique at the trade show as intended, but also later used it as a tool for consistency training in clinical trials.