Sometimes an interactive demo works as well as the real thing.

Sometimes an interactive demo works as well as the real thing…

Today, featuring your company’s product with PowerPoint slides is the marketing equivalent of using transparencies and a projector.

IRIDEX, a developer of laser-based medical systems for aesthetics and other market segments, needed to stand out in a crowded VR trade show experience.

The Solution
Using IRIDEX’s existing collateral, Elara applied 3D animation and motion graphics to create a dynamic, engaging video for display on plasma screens. Each year, Elara creates an updated version of the video to continue to build trade show booth traffic.

Capture Attention – Zoom toward and over a product, dramatically pan across it, and create interaction between multiple images. With effects and music, dynamic backgrounds, and commercial quality titling, Elara Systems transformed IRIDEX’s collateral into an engaging, striking story.

Look Like a Leader – Customer expectations are higher than ever. From the overlays on TV news to Hollywood movies, consumers see high-end graphics every day. Uninspired, flat images just won’t break through the clutter. Elara enabled IRIDEX to look like a leading innovator without a large budget.