Photorealistic 3D Animation: Photorealistic 3D Model Created by Elara

When you’re ready to show investors, the press, and customers a revolutionary new product at a trade show, your marketing materials shouldn’t be the holdup.

The Challenge
Intevac, which offers leading-edge, high-productivity etch systems to the semiconductor industry, was preparing to announce a breakthrough in silicon wafer etching. The CEO was ready to unveil the new system to the press by showing them how it combined multiple chambers to improve speed and reliability while decreasing space utilization. The impact of the announcement hinged on a dramatic visual demonstration of the full system; however, a video shoot of the not yet completed multi-chamber system was not possible.

The Solution
Using engineering files, Elara created a photorealistic 3D model of the system and developed an exciting animated walk-around of the device. This walk-around visually demonstrated how the unfinished system would function, while highlighting many of the revolutionary aspects of Intevac’s etch chamber technology.

Conquer Time Constraints
Without dynamic product rendering, the announcement to the press would have been static and incomplete. Instead, Elara Systems enabled the CEO to deliver a dramatic, photorealistic video with multiple angles, motion, and working mechanisms that reinforced the system’s unique advantages.

Extend Value and Impact
Once Intevac saw what was possible with 3D modeling, they quickly expanded their marketing plans. They used rendered stills of the 3D model in marketing collateral and magazine ads, as well as segments of the HD video in trade show graphics and on a CD for the press. The following year, Intevac returned to Elara to update the video for their presence at a leading industry trade show.