Elara Case Study +

Making the Impossible, Possible

The Challenge

After a long product development cycle, marketing groups need to quickly gear up to get the sales force out selling. Often, final product revisions or regulatory reviews can cause delays in the development of marketing collateral that are critical for a product’s launch.

IDEXX LABORATORIES, a worldwide leader in innovative products and services for veterinary, food, and water applications, faced such a challenge. Their revolutionary in-house veterinary chemistry analyzer was in regulatory review. IDEXX needed the sales force to begin building excitement before the final product would be available for photography or video.


The Solution

Carrying a demo unit to customers wasn’t an option. Neither was shooting video of a system still in regulatory review that had not been produced. IDEXX turned to Elara to create high resolution photorealistic images showing the analyzer in its finished form. The product at that point only existed as design files in engineering software. Using the design files from IDEXX’s engineers, we were able to “build” the product entirely in 3D. It was then animated so sales reps could show the system and how it interacted with related information technology systems.

As the design progressed through regulation and changes were made, Elara was able to continuously update the existing 3D models, ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process.

Using rendered stills and animated segments extracted from the demo CD, IDEXX was able to have product support collateral available well in advance of the product’s launch.

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