Don’t Tell Them How. SHOW Them.

Customers depend on Instruction For Use (IFUs) to use a product correctly. But for complex products, still pictures and captions simply cannot convey everything users need to know.

The Challenge

Sound Surgical Technologies, creator of the VASER* System and VASER LipoSelection* procedure, develops ultrasonic technologies and related techniques for aesthetic surgery. Training medical professionals in the proper use and care of their VASER* liposuction system required more than a booklet. In fact, Sound Surgical personally conducted on-site training, a costly and time-consuming undertaking. They needed a way to convey all the instructions for use, plus the accumulated “tribal” knowledge a trainer would share, without the personal visit. Sound Surgical also needed users to be able to easily refresh their learning on specific segments of the extensive session after the initial training.

The Solution

Elara replicated the experience of having a trainer on-site by joining HD live action video with precise product renderings and detailed voiceovers. Viewers heard and saw the tips a trainer would have provided in context with proper execution of each procedure.

Greater Usability

The 30-minute IFU could be played in its entirety, or users could select chapters from a menu to quickly refresh on a particular segment, making an extensive training session more digestible.

Improved Efficiency

The detailed, high-definition virtual training session was so effective, Sound Surgical was able to eliminate costly travel expenses by allowing end users access to training when needed